Why Must The Wood Burn?

This is a rich Indian malt whisky aged in handcrafted barrels made by some of the finest coopers in the country.

The magic lies in the union of the magnificent, bold whisky with matured oak wood barrels that are charred to perfection...forging bold flavors that kindle your curiosity and ignite your senses. 

Dark, delightfully distinct and dignified - this is a homegrown whisky you can truly appreciate.

This is Woodburns

100% Indian Whisky

Produced at Fullarton Distilleries, a scenic facility in Candepar, Goa. This product is made using 100% Indian ingredients, with no traces of scotch or foreign malts.

Woodburns is -simply put- great tasting Indian whisky - free from the definition of greatness, unbound by the restraints of perfection

Makes Conversations Better

It isn’t scientifically proven - but we’re relying on the word of friends with exquisite taste.

This is a full-bodied whisky that offers a bold, smoky front, balanced by a well-rounded peated malt finish.


Kindled by passion, Set alight by fire

Imagined in 2013 and created in 2019, Woodburns is a labor of love. Made at a stunning 11-acre state-of-the-art facility, this is the first product for the Indian market by Fullarton Distilleries.

Fullarton is a family-run distillery based in Candepar, Goa