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Woodburns — this new brand of whisky by Fullarton Distilleries (a Goa-based distillery) is taking over bars in Goa, hoping to end India’s obsession with scotch and giving us whisky-lovers a new reason to celebrate. Read the entire article by LBB here.



Fullarton Distilleries, a Goa based distillery recently launched “Woodburns Contemporary Indian Whisky’’. Created with the vision to break the monotony of Indian whisky, Woodburns represents an effort to put India on the map when it comes to 100% homegrown whisky without the fuss around it. Read Homegrown’s write-up in its entirety.



Ladies, gentlemen, and them, make way for Woodburns, a Goan whisky that is making us clinks glasses in joy. It is a full-bodied concoction of smoky flavour and has a balanced peated malt finish. Click here to read the full article by Whatshot.



WoodBurns is a contemporary Indian whisky which is made from Indian ingredients with no addition of foreign malts and scotch to it. Distilled in the 11-acre family-owned Fullarton Distilleries in the Candepar region of Goa, this whisky is a product of 6 years of perfect hard work. Read Unsobered’s complete review.



My recent visit to Goa turned out to be an enthralling experience with friends! The best part of the trip was when we discovered this brand called Woodburn’s Whiskey. Read about this blogger’s experience with Woodburns here.



Steering away from mass-produced & mass-bottled whiskes, GQ’s list of 5 homegrown whisky brands features Woodburns whisky. Read what they have to say & the entire list on their site.



The only Indian blended whisky on the list, Woodburns is featured in GQ’s ‘11 best whiskies under Rs 5,000 to stock up on’. The list features whiskies from India & around the world alike. Find the entire list here.



“What this gorgeous smoky, peaty whisky lacks in heritage, it makes up for in sheer boldness of flavour profile. You get hints of dark chocolate with a sweet after taste.” Read Condé Nast’s review of Woodburns as the focus on homegrown whiskies here.



A charred barrel whisky with notes of smoke and dark chocolate, this full-bodied sweet malt from a modest Goa distillery is surprisingly affordable for its level of quality. Catch GQ’s list of 10 premium whiskies to try under ₹3,000 here.



A labour of love, this full-bodied dram aged in matured oak wood barrels is distinctively smooth on the palate and rounds off beautifully towards the finish. The charring of the barrels gives the whisky a bold and smoky front balanced with a well rounded peat finish. Read Architectural Digest’s write-up on 5 must try Indian whiskies.

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